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AbstractEventBus - Class in org.grails.events.bus
Abstract event bus impl
AbstractEventBus.EventTriggerTransactionSynchronization - Class in org.grails.events.bus
AbstractEventBus.EventTriggerTransactionSynchronization(NotificationTrigger, TransactionPhase) - Constructor in AbstractEventBus.EventTriggerTransactionSynchronization
AbstractEventBus.NotificationTrigger - Class in org.grails.events.bus
AbstractEventBus.NotificationTrigger(Event, Collection<Subscription>, Closure) - Constructor in AbstractEventBus.NotificationTrigger
AbstractPromiseFactory - Class in grails.async.factory
Abstract implementation of the PromiseFactory interface, subclasses should extend this class to obtain common generic functionality
AbstractSubscription - Class in org.grails.events.registry
Abstract subscription
AbstractSubscription(CharSequence, Map<CharSequence, Collection<Subscription>>) - Constructor in AbstractSubscription
accept(T) - Method in BoundPromise
accept(T) - Method in Consumer
Execute the logic of the action, accepting the given parameter.
accept(T) - Method in FutureTaskPromise
accept(T) - Method in GparsPromise
accept(T) - Method in Promise
Assigns a value to an unfulfilled promise
accept(List<T>) - Method in PromiseList
accept(Map<K, V>) - Method in PromiseMap
accept(T) - Method in SynchronousPromise
ActorEventBus - Class in org.grails.events.gpars
A event bus that uses GPars actors
ActorEventBus() - Constructor in ActorEventBus
add(Promise<T>) - Method in PromiseList
Implementation of add that takes a promise, adding it to the list
addCompletionHandler(Runnable) - Method in AsyncGrailsWebRequest
addErrorHandler(Consumer<Throwable>) - Method in AsyncGrailsWebRequest
addPromiseDecoratorLookupStrategy(PromiseDecoratorLookupStrategy) - Method in AbstractPromiseFactory
addPromiseDecoratorLookupStrategy(PromiseDecoratorLookupStrategy) - Method in PromiseFactory
Adds a PromiseDecoratorLookupStrategy.
addTimeoutHandler(Runnable) - Method in AsyncGrailsWebRequest
afterCommit() - Method in AbstractEventBus.EventTriggerTransactionSynchronization
afterCompletion(int) - Method in AbstractEventBus.EventTriggerTransactionSynchronization
afterPropertiesSet() - Method in EventBusFactoryBean
afterPropertiesSet() - Method in GormDispatcherRegistrar
AnnotatedSubscriber - Trait in org.grails.events.transform
Registers subscribed methods.
APPLIED_MARKER - Field in PublisherTransform
APPLIED_MARKER - Field in SubscriberTransform
applyDecorators(Closure<T>, List<PromiseDecorator>) - Method in AbstractPromiseFactory
applyDecorators(Closure<T>, List<PromiseDecorator>) - Method in PromiseFactory
Applies the registered decorators to the given closure
AsyncActionResultTransformer - Class in org.grails.plugins.web.async.mvc
Handles an Async response from a controller
AsyncController - Trait in grails.async.web
Exposes a startAsync() method for access to the Servlet 3.x API
AsyncGrailsWebRequest - Class in grails.async.web
Implementation of Spring 4.0 AsyncWebRequest interface for Grails
AsyncGrailsWebRequest(HttpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse, ServletContext, ApplicationContext) - Constructor in AsyncGrailsWebRequest
AsyncWebRequestPromiseDecorator - Class in org.grails.plugins.web.async
A promise decorated lookup strategy that binds a WebRequest to the promise thread
AsyncWebRequestPromiseDecorator(GrailsWebRequest) - Constructor in AsyncWebRequestPromiseDecorator
AsyncWebRequestPromiseDecoratorLookupStrategy - Class in org.grails.plugins.web.async
A promise decorated lookup strategy that binds a WebRequest to the promise thread


beforeCommit(boolean) - Method in AbstractEventBus.EventTriggerTransactionSynchronization
BoundPromise - Class in org.grails.async.factory
A bound promise is a promise which is already resolved and doesn't require any asynchronous processing to calculate the value
BoundPromise(T) - Constructor in BoundPromise
build() - Method in EventBusBuilder
@return Tries to auto discover and build the event bus
build() - Method in PromiseFactoryBuilder
@return Builds the default PromiseFactory
buildClosureSubscription(CharSequence, Closure) - Method in AbstractEventBus
buildClosureSubscription(CharSequence, Closure) - Method in RxEventBus
buildDelegatingMethodCall(SourceUnit, AnnotationNode, ClassNode, MethodNode, MethodCallExpression, BlockStatement) - Method in PublisherTransform
buildNotificationCallable(Event, Collection<Subscription>, Closure) - Method in AbstractEventBus
Build a new trigger to set off notifications
buildNotificationCallable(Event, Collection<Subscription>, Closure) - Method in ActorEventBus
buildNotificationCallable(Event, Collection<Subscription>, Closure) - Method in ExecutorEventBus
buildNotificationCallable(Event, Collection<Subscription>, Closure) - Method in RxEventBus
buildNotificationCallable(Event, Collection<Subscription>, Closure) - Method in SpringEventBus
buildNotificationCallable(Event, Collection<Subscription>, Closure) - Method in SynchronousEventBus
buildNotificationTrigger(Event, Collection<Subscription>, Closure) - Method in AbstractEventBus
Build a new trigger to set off notifications
buildSubscriberSubscription(CharSequence, Subscriber) - Method in AbstractEventBus
buildSubscriberSubscription(CharSequence, Subscriber) - Method in RxEventBus
buildTrigger(Event, Closure) - Method in ClosureSubscription
buildTrigger(Event, Closure) - Method in EventSubscriberSubscription
buildTrigger(Event, Closure) - Method in Subscription
@return Builds a trigger
Bus - Interface in reactor.bus
Basic unit of event handling in Reactor.


CachedThreadPoolPromiseFactory - Class in org.grails.async.factory.future
A promise factory that uses an ExecutorService by default
CachedThreadPoolPromiseFactory(int, long, TimeUnit) - Constructor in CachedThreadPoolPromiseFactory
call(Object) - Method in MethodSubscriber
call(T) - Method in Subscriber
Calls the event subscriber
callSpread(Closure, Object) - Method in ClosureEventTrigger
cancel() - Method in AbstractSubscription
cancel(boolean) - Method in BoundPromise
cancel(boolean) - Method in GparsPromise
cancel(boolean) - Method in PromiseList
Synchronously obtains all the values from all the promises
cancel(boolean) - Method in PromiseMap
cancel() - Method in Subscription
@return Cancel the registration
cancel(boolean) - Method in SynchronousPromise
clearEventConsumers(def) - Method in Events
Clears event consumers for the given key
close() - Method in ActorEventBus
close() - Method in CachedThreadPoolPromiseFactory
ClosureEventTrigger - Class in org.grails.events
Triggers an event
ClosureEventTrigger(Event<T>, Closure, Closure) - Constructor in ClosureEventTrigger
ClosureSubscription - Class in org.grails.events.registry
A subscription via a Closure
ClosureSubscription(CharSequence, Map<CharSequence, Collection<Subscription>>, Closure) - Constructor in ClosureSubscription
complete() - Method in GrailsAsyncContext
Consumer - Annotation Type in reactor.spring.context.annotation
@deprecated No longer necessary, remove from your class
containsKey(K) - Method in PromiseMap
@param o The key
ControllersAsyncGrailsPlugin - Class in org.grails.plugins.web.async
Async support for the Grails 2.0.
createBoundPromise(T) - Method in AbstractPromiseFactory
createBoundPromise(T) - Method in GparsPromiseFactory
createBoundPromise(T) - Method in PromiseFactory
Creates a promise with a value pre-bound to it
createBoundPromise(T) - Method in Promises
@see PromiseFactory#createBoundPromise(java.lang.Object)
createBoundPromise(T) - Method in WebPromises
@see grails.async.PromiseFactory#createBoundPromise(java.lang.Object)
createDefaultEventBus() - Method in EventBusBuilder
createDefaultEventBus() - Method in EventBusFactoryBean
createListener(Class<T>) - Method in GrailsAsyncContext
createPool(boolean, int) - Method in LoggingPoolFactory
createPromise(Map<K, V>) - Method in AbstractPromiseFactory
@see PromiseFactory#createPromise(java.util.Map)
createPromise(Closure<T>) - Method in CachedThreadPoolPromiseFactory
createPromise(Closure<T>) - Method in GparsPromiseFactory
createPromise(List<Closure<T>>) - Method in PromiseFactory
Creates a promise from one or many closures
createPromise(Promise<T>) - Method in Promises
@see PromiseFactory#createPromise(grails.async.Promise[])
createPromise(Closure<T>) - Method in RxPromiseFactory
createPromise(Closure<T>) - Method in SynchronousPromiseFactory
createPromise(Promise<T>) - Method in WebPromises
@see grails.async.PromiseFactory#createPromise(grails.async.Promise[])
createPromiseInternal(Closure) - Method in AbstractPromiseFactory
createThreadNameMethod - Field in LoggingPoolFactory
createTransactionalPromiseDecorator(PlatformTransactionManager, Method) - Method in TransactionalAsyncTransformUtils
Creates a TransactionalPromiseDecorator for the given transactionManager and method to be invoked


decorate(Closure<D>) - Method in AsyncWebRequestPromiseDecorator
decorate(Closure<D>) - Method in PersistenceContextPromiseDecorator
decorate(Closure<D>) - Method in PromiseDecorator
Decorates the given closures, returning the decorated closure
decorate(Closure<D>) - Method in TransactionalPromiseDecorator
DefaultDelegateAsyncTransactionalMethodTransformer - Class in org.grails.async.transform.internal
Modifies the
transform to take into account transactional services.
DelegateAsync - Annotation Type in grails.async
An AST transformation that takes each method in the given class and adds a delegate method that returns a Promise and executes the method asynchronously.
DelegateAsyncTransactionalMethodTransformer - Interface in org.grails.async.transform.internal
Interface for a class that handles transforming async transactional methods
DelegateAsyncTransformation - Class in org.grails.async.transform.internal
Implementation of DelegateAsync transformation
DelegateAsyncUtils - Class in org.grails.async.transform.internal
Helps looking up the decorators
dispatch() - Method in AsyncGrailsWebRequest
dispatch(AbstractPersistenceEvent) - Method in GormAnnotatedListener
Dispatch the event to this listener
doWithSpring() - Method in ControllersAsyncGrailsPlugin
doWithSpring() - Method in EventBusGrailsPlugin


enhanceClassNode(SourceUnit, AnnotationNode, ClassNode) - Method in PublisherTransform
error() - Method in Events
@default ""
The id of the event to notify in the case of an error
error() - Method in Publisher
@default ""
The id of the event to notify in the case of an error
Event - Class in reactor.bus
Here for compatibility only.
Event(String, T) - Constructor in Event
EVENT_SUFFIX - Field in SpringEventTranslator
EventBus - Class in reactor.bus
Here for compatibility only.
EventBus(EventBus) - Constructor in EventBus
eventBus - Field in GormDispatcherRegistrar
eventBus - Field in GormEventDispatcher
EventBusAware - Trait in grails.events.bus
Trait for classes aware of the event bus
EventBusBuilder - Class in grails.events.bus
Tries to build the default event bus
EventBusFactoryBean - Class in org.grails.events.bus.spring
Factory bean for usage within Spring
EventBusGrailsPlugin - Class in org.grails.plugins.events
A plugin that integrates Reactor into Grails
EventEmitter - Interface in grails.events.emitter
An emitter sends events
eventFor(Map<String, Object>, T, Closure<Throwable>) - Method in Events
Creates an Event for the given headers, data and error consumer
eventIdForMethodName(String) - Method in EventIdUtils
EventIdUtils - Class in org.grails.events
EventPublisher - Trait in grails.events
A trait that can be implemented to make a class an event publisher
Events - Annotation Type in grails.events.annotation
Allows the definition of common event settings at the class level
EventSubscriber - Interface in grails.events.subscriber
An interface for subscribers that accept the Event as an argument
EventSubscriberSubscription - Class in org.grails.events.registry
An event subscription for an Subscriber
EventSubscriberSubscription(CharSequence, Map<CharSequence, Collection<Subscription>>, Subscriber) - Constructor in EventSubscriberSubscription
EventSubscriberTrigger - Class in org.grails.events
Simple trigger for an Subscriber
EventSubscriberTrigger(Event, Subscriber) - Constructor in EventSubscriberTrigger
EventTrigger - Interface in grails.events.trigger
Encapsulates the execution of an event
EventWithReply - Class in org.grails.events.rxjava
An event with a reply
EventWithReply(Event, Closure) - Constructor in EventWithReply
ExecutorEventBus - Class in org.grails.events.bus
An event bus that uses an java.util.concurrent.Executor
ExecutorEventBus(Executor) - Constructor in ExecutorEventBus
ExecutorPromiseFactory - Interface in org.grails.async.factory.future
Interface for classes that are both a PromiseFactory and an ExecutorService


findDecorators() - Method in AsyncWebRequestPromiseDecoratorLookupStrategy
findDecorators() - Method in PromiseDecoratorLookupStrategy
from(String, Map<String, Object>, T) - Method in Event
Wrap the given object with an Event.
FutureTaskPromise - Class in org.grails.async.factory.future
A Promise that is a java.util.concurrent.FutureTask
FutureTaskPromise(PromiseFactory, Runnable, T) - Constructor in FutureTaskPromise


GDM_EVENT_PACKAGE - Field in SpringEventTranslator
get(long, TimeUnit) - Method in BoundPromise
get(long, TimeUnit) - Method in FutureTaskPromise
get(long, TimeUnit) - Method in GparsPromise
get(long, TimeUnit) - Method in PromiseList
get(long, TimeUnit) - Method in PromiseMap
Synchronously return the populated map with all values obtained from promises used inside the populated map
get(long, TimeUnit) - Method in SynchronousPromise
getAnnotationType() - Method in PublisherTransform
getAnnotationType() - Method in SubscriberTransform
getAppliedMarker() - Method in PublisherTransform
getAppliedMarker() - Method in SubscriberTransform
getAt(K) - Method in PromiseMap
Gets a promise instance for the given key
getDecorators() - Method in PromiseDecoratorProvider
@return A list of decorators
getEvent() - Method in EventTrigger
@return The event being triggered
getEventBus() - Method in EventBusAware
@return Retrieves the event bus
getObject() - Method in EventBusFactoryBean
getObject() - Method in GormDispatcherRegistrar
getObject() - Method in PromiseFactoryBean
getObject() - Method in Selector
Get the object being used for comparisons and equals checks.
getObjectType() - Method in EventBusFactoryBean
getObjectType() - Method in GormDispatcherRegistrar
getObjectType() - Method in PromiseFactoryBean
getOrder() - Method in PublisherTransform
getPersistenceInterceptors(GrailsWebRequest) - Method in GrailsAsyncContext
getPromiseDecorators(Object, Collection<PromiseDecorator>) - Method in DelegateAsyncUtils
Obtains all PromiseDecorator instances for the target and additional decorators supplied
getPromiseFactory() - Method in Promises
getPromiseFactory() - Method in WebPromises
getRenamedMethodPrefix() - Method in PublisherTransform
getReplyTo() - Method in Event
Get the key to send replies to.
getSetTransactionManagerMethodBody(ClassNode) - Method in DefaultDelegateAsyncTransactionalMethodTransformer
getSource() - Method in SpringEventBusEvent
getSubscribedEvents() - Method in GormAnnotatedSubscriber
getSubscribedMethods() - Method in AnnotatedSubscriber
getSubscriber() - Method in ClosureEventTrigger
getSubscriber() - Method in EventTrigger
@return The event listener
getTraitClass() - Method in SubscriberTransform
GormAnnotatedListener - Trait in org.grails.events.gorm
Marks a class as a synchronous listener of GORM events
GormAnnotatedSubscriber - Trait in org.grails.events.gorm
The events subscribed to
GormDispatcherRegistrar - Class in org.grails.events.gorm
Handles registering of GORM event listeners for GormAnnotatedSubscriber instances
GormDispatcherRegistrar(EventBus) - Constructor in GormDispatcherRegistrar
GormEventDispatcher - Class in org.grails.events.gorm
Dispatches GORM events to the EventBus
GormEventDispatcher(EventBus, Datastore, Set<Class<? extends AbstractPersistenceEvent>>, List<GormAnnotatedListener>) - Constructor in GormEventDispatcher
GparsPromise - Class in org.grails.async.factory.gpars
Implementation of Promise interface for Gpars
GparsPromise(PromiseFactory, Closure) - Constructor in GparsPromise
GparsPromiseFactory - Class in org.grails.async.factory.gpars
GPars implementation of the PromiseFactory interface
GparsPromiseFactory() - Constructor in GparsPromiseFactory
GrailsAsyncContext - Class in org.grails.plugins.web.async
Wraps an AsyncContext providing additional logic to provide the appropriate context to a Grails application.
GrailsAsyncContext(AsyncContext, GrailsWebRequest, AsyncGrailsWebRequest) - Constructor in GrailsAsyncContext
GROOVY_OBJECT_CLASS_NODE - Field in DelegateAsyncTransformation


handleComplete(HttpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse, AsyncContext) - Method in AsyncActionResultTransformer
hasEventSubscribers - Field in GormEventDispatcher
hasListeners - Field in GormEventDispatcher


initialized - Field in PromiseList
invokeClosure(Closure, def) - Method in AsyncWebRequestPromiseDecorator
isActive() - Method in AbstractEventBus
isActive() - Method in ActorEventBus
isActive() - Method in EventBus
@return Whether the event bus is active or has been shutdown
isAsyncComplete() - Method in AsyncGrailsWebRequest
isAsyncStarted() - Method in AsyncGrailsWebRequest
isCancelled() - Method in AbstractSubscription
isCancelled() - Method in BoundPromise
isCancelled() - Method in GparsPromise
isCancelled() - Method in PromiseList
isCancelled() - Method in PromiseMap
isCancelled() - Method in Subscription
@return Whether it is cancelled
isCancelled() - Method in SynchronousPromise
isDone() - Method in BoundPromise
isDone() - Method in FutureTaskPromise
isDone() - Method in GparsPromise
isDone() - Method in PromiseList
isDone() - Method in PromiseMap
isDone() - Method in SynchronousPromise
isEmpty() - Method in PromiseMap
@return Whether the map is empty
isGparsAvailable() - Method in GparsPromiseFactory
isSingleton() - Method in EventBusFactoryBean
isSingleton() - Method in GormDispatcherRegistrar
isSingleton() - Method in PromiseFactoryBean
isValidAnnotation(AnnotationNode, AnnotatedNode) - Method in SubscriberTransform




leftShift(Closure) - Method in BoundPromise
leftShift(Closure) - Method in GparsPromise
leftShift(Promise) - Method in PromiseList
Add a promise to the promise list
leftShift(Closure) - Method in PromiseMap
leftShift(Closure) - Method in SynchronousPromise
listenedForEvents - Field in GormEventDispatcher
Listener - Annotation Type in grails.events.annotation.gorm
A Listener is like a Subscriber for GORM events, but is dispatched synchronously
listeners - Field in GormEventDispatcher
LOG - Field in LoggingPoolFactory
LoggingPoolFactory - Class in org.grails.async.factory.gpars
A pool factory that logs error instead of printing them to standard err as is the default in GPars
lookup(HttpServletRequest) - Method in AsyncGrailsWebRequest
Looks up the GrailsWebRequest from the current request.
lookupAsyncTransactionalMethodTransformer() - Method in DelegateAsyncTransformation
lookupStrategies - Field in AbstractPromiseFactory


matches(T) - Method in Selector
Indicates whether this Selector matches the key.
MethodEventSubscriber - Class in grails.events.subscriber
A method subscribers for methods that accept an event argument
MethodEventSubscriber(Object, Method) - Constructor in MethodEventSubscriber
MethodSubscriber - Class in grails.events.subscriber
Invokes a method to trigger an event
MethodSubscriber(Object, Method) - Constructor in MethodSubscriber


namespace() - Method in Events
@default ""
The namespace of the events
notify(Event, TransactionPhase) - Method in AbstractEventBus
notify(Object, T) - Method in Bus
Notify this component that an Event is ready to be processed.
notify(Object, Object) - Method in EventBus
notify(Event, TransactionPhase) - Method in EventEmitter
Notify of an event
notify(Event, TransactionPhase) - Method in EventPublisher
notify(Object, Closure<E>) - Method in Events


OBJECT_CLASS_NODE - Field in DelegateAsyncTransformation
on(CharSequence, Closure) - Method in AbstractEventBus
on(Selector, Consumer<V>) - Method in Bus
Register a Consumer to be triggered when a notification matches the given Selector.
on(Selector, Consumer) - Method in EventBus
on(Selector, Consumer<E>) - Method in Events
Register a Consumer to be triggered when a notification matches the given Selector.
on(CharSequence, Closure) - Method in Subjects
Listen for an event
onApplicationEvent(ApplicationEvent) - Method in SpringEventTranslator
onComplete(AsyncEvent) - Method in AsyncGrailsWebRequest
onComplete(Closure) - Method in BoundPromise
onComplete(List<Promise<T>>, Closure<?>) - Method in CachedThreadPoolPromiseFactory
onComplete(Closure) - Method in FutureTaskPromise
onComplete(Closure) - Method in GparsPromise
onComplete(List<Promise<T>>, Closure<?>) - Method in GparsPromiseFactory
onComplete(Closure) - Method in Promise
Execute the given closure when the promise completes
onComplete(List<Promise<T>>, Closure<?>) - Method in PromiseFactory
Executes the given callback when the list of promises completes
onComplete(Closure) - Method in PromiseList
Execute the given closure when all promises are complete
onComplete(Closure) - Method in PromiseMap
onComplete(List<Promise<T>>, Closure<?>) - Method in Promises
@see PromiseFactory#onComplete(java.util.List, groovy.lang.Closure)
onComplete(List<Promise<T>>, Closure<?>) - Method in RxPromiseFactory
onComplete(Closure) - Method in SynchronousPromise
onComplete(List<Promise<T>>, Closure<?>) - Method in SynchronousPromiseFactory
onComplete(List<Promise<T>>, Closure<?>) - Method in WebPromises
@see grails.async.PromiseFactory#onComplete(java.util.List, groovy.lang.Closure)
onError(AsyncEvent) - Method in AsyncGrailsWebRequest
onError(Closure) - Method in BoundPromise
onError(List<Promise<T>>, Closure<?>) - Method in CachedThreadPoolPromiseFactory
onError(Closure) - Method in FutureTaskPromise
onError(Closure) - Method in GparsPromise
onError(List<Promise<T>>, Closure<?>) - Method in GparsPromiseFactory
onError(Closure) - Method in Promise
Execute the given closure when an error occurs
onError(List<Promise<T>>, Closure<?>) - Method in PromiseFactory
Executes the given callback if an error occurs for the list of promises
onError(Closure) - Method in PromiseList
onError(Closure) - Method in PromiseMap
onError(List<Promise<T>>, Closure<?>) - Method in Promises
@see PromiseFactory#onError(java.util.List, groovy.lang.Closure)
onError(List<Promise<T>>, Closure<?>) - Method in RxPromiseFactory
onError(Closure) - Method in SynchronousPromise
onError(List<Promise<T>>, Closure<?>) - Method in SynchronousPromiseFactory
onError(List<Promise<T>>, Closure<?>) - Method in WebPromises
@see grails.async.PromiseFactory#onError(java.util.List, groovy.lang.Closure)
onPersistenceEvent(AbstractPersistenceEvent) - Method in GormEventDispatcher
onStartAsync(AsyncEvent) - Method in AsyncGrailsWebRequest
onTimeout(AsyncEvent) - Method in AsyncGrailsWebRequest


PersistenceContextPromiseDecorator - Class in grails.async.services
A PromiseDecorator that wraps a promise execution in a persistence context (example Hibernate session)
PersistenceContextPromiseDecorator(PersistenceContextInterceptorExecutor) - Constructor in PersistenceContextPromiseDecorator
phase() - Method in Events
@default TransactionPhase.AFTER_COMMIT
The transaction phase to subscribe on
phase() - Method in Publisher
@default TransactionPhase.AFTER_COMMIT
The transaction phase to subscribe on
POSITION - Field in PublisherTransform
The position of the transform.
proceed() - Method in ClosureEventTrigger
proceed() - Method in EventSubscriberTrigger
proceed() - Method in EventTrigger
@return Proceed to trigger the event
Promise - Interface in grails.async
Encapsulates the notion of a Promise, a Future-like interface designed to easy integration of asynchronous functions
PromiseDecorator - Interface in grails.async.decorator
Decorates any function execution potentially wrapping an asynchronous function execution in new functionality.
PromiseDecoratorLookupStrategy - Interface in grails.async.decorator
A lookup strategy for PromiseDecorator instances
PromiseDecoratorProvider - Interface in grails.async.decorator
Interface for classes that provide promise decorators to implement
PromiseFactory - Interface in grails.async
An interface capable of creating Promise instances.
PromiseFactoryBean - Class in org.grails.plugins.web.async.spring
Factory bean for Spring integration
PromiseFactoryBuilder - Class in org.grails.async.factory
Constructs the default promise factory
PromiseList - Class in grails.async
A list of promises
PromiseMap - Class in grails.async
A map-like structure for promises that allows waiting for all values in the map to be populated before executing a callback
PromiseMap(Map<K, V>) - Constructor in PromiseMap
Promises - Class in grails.async
Factory class for working with Promise instances
promises - Field in PromiseList
promises - Field in PromiseMap
promisesKeys - Field in PromiseMap
publish(Event, TransactionPhase) - Method in AbstractEventBus
publish(Event, TransactionPhase) - Method in EventEmitter
publish(Event) - Method in EventPublisher
Publisher - Annotation Type in grails.events.annotation
Transforms a method so the return value is emitted as an event
PublisherTransform - Class in org.grails.events.transform
A transform that transforms a method publishing the result to the given event
put(K, Closure) - Method in PromiseMap
Adds a promise for the given key
putAt(Integer, Closure) - Method in PromiseMap
Adds a promise for the given key



registerMethods() - Method in AnnotatedSubscriber
Registration - Interface in reactor.bus.registry
Here for compatibility only.
respondsToKey(Object) - Method in Bus
Are there any Subscriptions with Selectors that match the given key.
respondsToKey(Object) - Method in EventBus
RxEventBus - Class in org.grails.events.rxjava
An EventBus implementation that uses RxJava
RxEventBus(Scheduler) - Constructor in RxEventBus
RxPromiseFactory - Class in org.grails.async.factory.rxjava
An RxJava PromiseFactory implementation


Selector - Annotation Type in reactor.spring.context.annotation
@deprecated Use Subscriber instead
sendAndReceive(Event, Closure) - Method in AbstractEventBus
sendAndReceive(CharSequence, Object, Closure) - Method in EventEmitter
Send and event and receive a reply.
sendAndReceive(CharSequence, Object, Closure) - Method in EventPublisher
sendAndReceive(Object, Closure) - Method in Events
Service - Trait in grails.artefact
A trait implemented for services that implement events
set(T) - Method in FutureTaskPromise
setApplicationContext(ApplicationContext) - Method in SpringEventTranslator
setException(Throwable) - Method in FutureTaskPromise
setPromiseFactory(PromiseFactory) - Method in Promises
setPromiseFactory(PromiseFactory) - Method in WebPromises
setReplyTo(Object) - Method in Event
Set the key that interested parties should send replies to.
setTargetEventBus(EventBus) - Method in EventBusAware
Sets the target event bus to use
size() - Method in PromiseMap
@return The size the map
SPRING_PACKAGE - Field in SpringEventTranslator
SpringEventBus - Class in org.grails.events.spring
An event bus that uses the Spring Event Publisher
SpringEventBus(ConfigurableApplicationContext) - Constructor in SpringEventBus
SpringEventBusEvent - Class in org.grails.events.spring
An event issues by the SpringEventBus
SpringEventBusEvent(Event, Closure) - Constructor in SpringEventBusEvent
Create a new ApplicationEvent.
SpringEventTranslator - Class in org.grails.events.spring
Translates Spring Events into Reactor events
SpringEventTranslator(EventBus) - Constructor in SpringEventTranslator
start(Runnable) - Method in GrailsAsyncContext
startAsync() - Method in AsyncController
Raw access to the Servlet 3.0 startAsync method
startAsync() - Method in AsyncGrailsWebRequest
Subjects - Interface in grails.events.subscriber
An event subscriber
subjects - Field in RxEventBus
subscribe(CharSequence, Subscriber) - Method in AbstractEventBus
subscribe(CharSequence, Subscriber) - Method in Subjects
Listen for an event
subscribedEvents - Field in GormEventDispatcher
Subscriber - Interface in grails.events.subscriber
Functional interface for event listeners
SubscriberTransform - Class in org.grails.events.transform
An AST transformation that adds the AnnotatedSubscriber
Subscription - Interface in reactor.bus.registry
Here for compatibility only.
subscriptions - Field in AbstractEventBus
supports(AbstractPersistenceEvent) - Method in GormAnnotatedListener
Whether the listener supports the given event
supportsEventType(Class<? extends ApplicationEvent>) - Method in GormEventDispatcher
supportsSourceType(Class<?>) - Method in GormEventDispatcher
SynchronousEventBus - Class in org.grails.events.bus
A default synchronous event bus for testing
SynchronousPromise - Class in org.grails.async.factory
A promise that executes synchronously, in the same thread as the creator
SynchronousPromise(Closure<T>) - Constructor in SynchronousPromise
SynchronousPromiseFactory - Class in org.grails.async.factory
A PromiseFactory implementation that constructors promises that execute synchronously.


task(Closure<T>) - Method in Promises
@see PromiseFactory#createPromise(groovy.lang.Closure[])
task(Closure<T>) - Method in WebPromises
@see grails.async.PromiseFactory#createPromise(groovy.lang.Closure[])
tasks(List<Closure<T>>) - Method in Promises
@see PromiseFactory#createPromise(groovy.lang.Closure[])
tasks(List<Closure<T>>) - Method in WebPromises
@see grails.async.PromiseFactory#createPromise(groovy.lang.Closure[])
then(Closure) - Method in BoundPromise
then(Closure) - Method in FutureTaskPromise
then(Closure) - Method in GparsPromise
then(Closure) - Method in Promise
Same as #onComplete
then(Closure) - Method in PromiseList
then(Closure) - Method in PromiseMap
then(Closure) - Method in SynchronousPromise
toGparsPromises(List<Promise<T>>) - Method in GparsPromiseFactory
TransactionalAsyncTransformUtils - Class in org.grails.compiler.web.async
Utility methods for use by Async transformations
TransactionalPromiseDecorator - Class in grails.async.services
A PromiseDecorator that wraps a Promise in a transaction
TransactionalPromiseDecorator(PlatformTransactionManager, Transactional) - Constructor in TransactionalPromiseDecorator
transformActionResult(GrailsWebRequest, String, Object) - Method in AsyncActionResultTransformer
transformTransactionalMethod(ClassNode, ClassNode, MethodNode, ListExpression) - Method in DefaultDelegateAsyncTransactionalMethodTransformer
transformTransactionalMethod(ClassNode, ClassNode, MethodNode, ListExpression) - Method in DelegateAsyncTransactionalMethodTransformer
TRANSLATE_SPRING_EVENTS - Field in EventBusGrailsPlugin
Whether to translate GORM events into reactor events


unsubscribeAll(CharSequence) - Method in AbstractEventBus
unsubscribeAll(CharSequence) - Method in Subjects
Clear all listeners for the given event


value() - Method in DelegateAsync
@default DelegateAsync
value() - Method in Listener
@default ]
The types this listener listens for
value() - Method in Publisher
@default ""
The id of the event
value() - Method in Selector
@return The id of the event
value() - Method in Subscriber
@default ""
The id of the event
visit(ASTNode, SourceUnit) - Method in DelegateAsyncTransformation
visit(SourceUnit, AnnotationNode, AnnotatedNode) - Method in SubscriberTransform


waitAll(Promise<T>) - Method in AbstractPromiseFactory
@see PromiseFactory#waitAll(grails.async.Promise[])
waitAll(List<Promise<T>>, long, TimeUnit) - Method in CachedThreadPoolPromiseFactory
waitAll(List<Promise<T>>, long, TimeUnit) - Method in GparsPromiseFactory
waitAll(List<Promise<T>>, long, TimeUnit) - Method in PromiseFactory
Synchronously waits for all promises to complete returning a list of values
waitAll(List<Promise<T>>, long, TimeUnit) - Method in Promises
@see PromiseFactory#waitAll(java.util.List)
waitAll(List<Promise<T>>, long, TimeUnit) - Method in RxPromiseFactory
waitAll(List<Promise<T>>, long, TimeUnit) - Method in SynchronousPromiseFactory
waitAll(List<Promise<T>>, long, TimeUnit) - Method in WebPromises
@see grails.async.PromiseFactory#waitAll(java.util.List)
WebPromises - Class in grails.async.web
A specific promises factory class designed for use in controllers and other web contexts





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